I have been a HydroShield Licensee since 2003. Sure, I love the corporate support and protection HydroShield offers but the main reason I have continued with HydroShield as long as I have is simple...their products work!–David Meyers, MN

I have been a HydroShield Licensee since August 2012. One of the main reasons I love HydroShield is the support that comes with my license.  They make sure you are trained and have full knowledge of the products and application procedures.  The wonderful thing about HydroShield is not only do you get corporate support, but you also get support from other licensees.  HydroShield has treated me like family since the start-up of my company and I wouldn't trade this for anything.–John Paull, SC

We have been privileged to be part of the HydroShield Family since 2004. We had HydroShield applied to many surfaces in our own home and fell in love with the products and the protections they provide. We felt we could do this work, and sure enough, have loved doing HydroShield. Not only has it enhanced our financial lives, but it has also been wonderful working in many beautiful homes and meeting many wonderful homeowners who have actually become life-long friends.–Bill and Ann Montgomery, CA

I have been a HydroShield Licensee for over 8 years and would highly recommend the company and their products.  In the beginning, I was a bit skeptical that the product would last the full life of the warranty.  HydroShield has proven to be a quality, long-lasting product and is essential to the success of my business.–Matt Pentecost, CA


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