Cost and Criteria

HydroShield Business Opportunity: Cost & Criteria

Are you ready to seize the most complete, turn-key, all-inclusive business start-up program available in the market? HydroShield invites qualified candidates to embark on a journey of innovation, entrepreneurship, and success. Here's a breakdown of the costs and criteria for joining the HydroShield family:

Start-Up Cost: $49,500.00

Start-Up Cost Includes:

Your initial license fee provides you with a comprehensive start-up package, ensuring you have everything you need to kickstart your business effectively.

  • Protected Territory: Ensure that your business has a well-defined and strategically advantageous area for growth and success.
  • Applicator Training: Receive comprehensive training to become proficient in the application of HydroShield products.
  • Sales Training: Equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in sales and business development.
  • Glass Protection System: Access HydroShield's cutting-edge glass protection technology.
  • Glass Restoration System: Learn and implement glass restoration techniques for optimal results.
  • Stone Protection System: Utilize innovative solutions for protecting stone surfaces.
  • Stone Restoration System: Master the art of stone restoration to enhance and revitalize surfaces.
  • Grout Restoration System: Learn techniques to restore and refresh grout effectively.
  • Multi-Purpose Polishing System: Explore versatile polishing systems for various surfaces.
  • Application Materials: Access all necessary materials for seamless product application.
  • Retail Maintenance Products: Offer customers top-notch maintenance products for ongoing care.
  • iPad: Stay connected and access essential resources on the go.
  • Website Design and Development: Establish a strong online presence with a personalized website.
  • HydroShieldLive Cloud Service: Stay updated with continual training information through our unique cloud service.
  • Local Home Builders Association Fees: Engage with local industry associations for networking and opportunities.
  • Local NARI Association Fees: Connect with the National Association of the Remodeling Industry for industry insights.
  • Apparel: Showcase your brand with HydroShield-branded apparel.
  • Business Cards: Present yourself professionally with customized business cards.
  • Marketing Brochures: Distribute informative brochures to showcase your services.
  • Sales and Business Coaching: Benefit from ongoing coaching to refine your sales and business skills.

Note: New HydroShield licensees are responsible for any legal or filing fees when establishing their legal entity, as well as costs associated with liability insurance and contractor licensing if required in your state.

Join HydroShield, where the future of surface protection meets entrepreneurial ambition. Seize the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and expanding industry, securing your success with the support of a proven leader. It's time to unlock your potential with HydroShield!