Next Steps

Unlock Your Entrepreneurial Journey: Next Steps with HydroShield

Congratulations on taking the first step towards realizing the American dream of owning your own business! At HydroShield, we've simplified the path to entrepreneurship, and our proven business model has already empowered individuals just like you. It's not just a business; it's our mission to see you succeed. Here's a look at the next steps to guide you through gathering the necessary information for an informed decision:

1. Connect with Us:

  • Reach out to our team and let's start the conversation. We typically want to schedule a quick 10 minute introductory call where we can answer your preliminary questions, provide insights, understand your aspirations, and explain our process.  

2. Receive License Program Materials:

  • After the introductory call, we will email you an introductory packet that includes our frequently asked questions and other documentation to support you in the diligence process. This is a crucial step to ensure that our opportunity is the right fit for you.

3. Schedule the Overview:

  • The overview is an in-depth analysis of the HydroShield Opportunity.  In this meeting we review our innovative science, applications procedures, warranties, and profit margins.  The overview also covers marketing strategies, primarily focused on our licensees customer acquisition.  At the end of the overview you will have a firm understanding of what it takes to thrive as a HydroShield Licensee.  This knowledge will also empower you as you take the next steps of your diligence process.

4. Build Trust Through Transparency:

  • As you go through the diligence process, we will provide complete transparency.  We encourage you to talk with our other licensees around the country.  We are also more than happy to facilitate a visit to shadow one of our locations for a first hand experience.  

5. Choose a Territory to Set You Up for Success:

  • As you go through the diligence process, it is critical that we spend time defining your initial, exclusive territory.  At this time we will discuss strategies to maximize the value of your territory. After finalizing an initial territory, we will discuss plans for future growth and any potential first right of refusal territories. 

6. License Agreement:

  • Once you have completed your business overview with us, we will send you a template of our License Agreement.  If you are ready to proceed, we will begin to customize your agreement.  We will review every paragraph of the agreement with you to make sure there are no questions or concerns.  Once you are comfortable, we will sign the agreement and fund.

7. Technical Training:

  • Once we have executed your License Agreement, we will get you scheduled for our technical training which is located just outside of Seattle in our HydroShield NorthWest location.  The training is two days.  After returning home from technical training, our technical team is on call to provide support as you continue to build your business.

8. Sales Training:

  • Upon executing your License Agreement with us, we will provide access to HydroShield Live.  This gives you access to topic specific sales training calls.  Reviewing these calls will provide you with a solid foundation prior to launching.  Post launch you will receive one on one coaching sessions to make sure you are ready to build and grow your business.

9. Welcome to the HydroShield Family:

  • You have now completed the onboarding process and set the stage for your entrepreneurial journey.  We are here to support you on all fronts, from technical applications, marketing, and sales. We consider ourselves an extension of your company and here to provide unparalleled support.

Join HydroShield, where the future of surface protection meets entrepreneurial ambition. Seize the opportunity to be part of a dynamic and expanding industry, securing your success with the support of a proven leader. It's time to unlock your potential with HydroShield!